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Tarot full circle

Olga Shvartsur
Olga Shvartsur

It’s a mid-August morning, so humid that on my lap the pages of my open journal are curling up at the corners. I gaze out lazily over the wildflower garden that blankets our backyard, taking in the sweet fragrance of dew lifting from the blooms that surround me. I register a rapid beating of tiny wings amidst the even tempo of crickets, and spy a hummingbird hovering by the nasturtiums, less than two feet away. An emerald mirage diving deep into a sea of orange blooms. Mesmerized, I remain still until the lithe hummingbird dashes over our greying wood fence and out of sight. This is the magical moment that led me to rediscover tarot.

Our family gatherings saw many evenings of Tarot card slinging, as my aunt would settle down with her RWS deck, a generational heirloom, and read for each one of us in turn. On these evenings our dining table discussions would invariably turn to death, the afterlife, and anecdotal ghost stories late into the night. As a teen I gobbled up all I could get my hands on at the local library (pre- internet!) about the occult and the supernatural. However, for reasons unclear to me, I never picked up the Tarot for myself until adulthood, that is to say,  until the hummingbird.

True, humming birds aren’t particularly rare, but that hazy morning was, and remains, the single humming bird spotting in our urban back “jungle”.  For me, this encounter marks a precious synchronicity. That hummingbird sent me on a search (bless the internet) which began very innocently with totem animals, and eventually lead me full circle to the Tarot (finally!). Shuffling through the potent images of my first deck felt like a return home.  A return to the mystical awe and imaginings of my childhood.

After some time learning the card meanings and integrating a Tarot practice into the daily, I felt called to read beyond myself.  I realize now that interpreting the cards professionally brings to the fore my most prized qualities, amassed knowledge, and life experience. It also supports my interests in personal development, adult education, creativity, and spirituality. My use of Tarot as a professional tool also marks a pivotal point in my life; that is, taking the plunge without first being anchored to knowing “everything”,  even with the  uncertainty and the gaps in knowledge and experience that accompany diving into the unknown. I share my time between creative pursuits, reading Tarot professionally (in person and online) and as a bookseller at my favorite independent metaphysical bookstore.

My beliefs about how Tarot works

The Tarot as I  understand it is as a tool to enable self-empowerment and a heightened sense of personal autonomy. I work with the Tarot as a coaching  tool from which both the client and I build meaning from the images and card meanings. We are, as the world around each one of us is, built in large part on our choices. At its core, Tarot brings to the fore our perceptions and choices. The cards provide us with perspective on current circumstance from which we can work with and learn from.  In her book the Holistic Tarot, Benebell Wen eloquently describes the “how” of Tarot  as such; “We reconcile our personal stories through the narrative of the cards and through that process begin to see our own situation through new perspectives”. Yes, exactly.

Question to sling

How/what might I surrender today? How might I show up fully today for myself and others?


  1. Evergreen says:

    What a wonderful way to pick-up the Tarot! A Hummingbird! To answer your question, by surrendering who I think I am, by becoming aware of who I really am – my authentic self…

    • TheQuintessence

      Thanks for reading and commenting Evergreen! Yes, aiming for authenticity! Sometimes it isn’t about reinventing the wheel, or being super original, or different – authenticity can simply be about attempting homeostasis, about finding personal calibration, and in doing so, making space for your own “brand” of creativity to shine through. You do you the best 🙂

  2. Vix says:

    I love this post! I’m so similar in that I was always a little woo woo, playing with crystals and sitting in salt circles, but didn’t get into Tarot until much later. I even had runes in high school, but no Tarot deck… that I can remember anyway!

    <3 So glad to have found you! <3 xx

  3. Lee says:

    I love hummingbirds too. In the animal totem deck you refer to the hummingbird is the keeper of my female side. They are magical creatures. I love that you often hear them before you see them. I have a hummingbird tattoo which I got after my totem reading. A great reminder to take care of and adore the female side of myself. xx

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